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Prepping for Ski and Snowboard Season!

September is here! Ski season is right around the corner! Whether you’re a seasoned skier or rider, just starting, or anything in-between, we’re here to help. We know the vast amount of information available online can be overwhelming, so we compiled some need-to-know information below to help get you started. While you’re at it, stop on in and let your knowledgeable staff help you get ready and gear up!

Assess your boot situation

Even if you don’t own boots, boots are arguably the most integral part of skiing and riding. In assessing your boots, one of the first things to note is the age of the boot. From a comfortability standpoint, boot liners can become worn out after long-term use with a good guideline being five to seven seasons for an avid rider. For the harder and more frequent shredders, you may be looking at more frequent checks.

For those who don’t own boots, but clock over five to seven days on the mountain every year, consider purchasing boots of your own! Getting boots of your own that are fit to your foot, skill level, and comfort can make all the difference in your time on the mountain.

Taking inventory of the Wardrobe

Is your kit worn out or outdated? Either way, if you’re feeling a change is necessary we’ve got your back. A common issue with older outerwear is the lack of waterproofing that helps keep you safe and dry on the mountain. Another issue is the bulkiness of the apparel which can make it harder to ski or ride, but it also can cause excessive sweating and therefore exhaustion. If you’re one of those shredders that prefer mobility in your gear, you might consider a thin three-layer outfit. Starting with a base layer, a thin shirt that has thermal properties; a hoodie, sweater, or pullover, and then a shell. Additionally, we recommend this setup for those who get hot pretty easily and ride pretty hard. Don’t plan on breaking a sweat? Wear whatever will keep you warm and ready to go!

Checking Out the Hardware

If you find yourself frequently renting for the weekend, consider looking into long-term rentals or purchasing your own gear! One great reason to get your own or a long-term setup is comfort with the equipment. Gear becomes more familiar to you and as you progress you can gauge what is within your ability without having to adjust for new bindings or ski edges. Secondly, and the more common reason people invest in their setup, how much money you save in the long run. Typically, a whole rental setup runs about $75 per day for short-term rentals. Constantly renting a short-term setup just isn’t as sustainable as investing in good equipment that is tailored to you by a seasoned employee.

However, if weekend rentals are what you need, Outpost Sunsport has options for everyone in your family. Our staff can help fit you in the best size boot, ski, and board for your ability level and comfort.

Now that you’ve got the basics, come see us and let us help you gear up for your best season yet! Our knowledgeable staff can help set you up for success with whatever will fit your current ride situation best.

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