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Riding in Windy Conditions

We've gone through all of the forums available online to compile an awesome list to help you when riding in unfavorable conditions (aka WIND, which in Colorado the past few days has been quite the issue).

So don't be turned away from shreddin' - instead, check out the following tips!

  • Cover all layers of skin- including a facemask... it will be a lifesaver¬†


  • Wear hi-visibility goggles


  • Find shelter from the wind in the trees


  • Start recognizing trends in how the snow is deposited


  • HOLD ON TIGHT to the chair lift if you don't pull the safety bar down (and take a gondola if you can to warm up)


  • Check out which mountain you are going to and pick wisely. Some mountains are windier than others!


  • If it's too windy, or if it is windy AND snowing, you may want to hang out at the resort bar until it passes. We don't want anyone with hypothermia or stuck at the top of a peak.


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