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Ski and Board Tech Trends for Winter 23-24

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At Outpost Sunsport, we're committed to helping you stay on the cutting edge of ski and snowboard technology, featuring top brands like Armada, Atomic, Black Crows, Blizzard, Dalbello, Dynastar, Fischer, Head, Lange, Look, Marker, and Nordica. As we look ahead to the 23-24 ski and board season, here are some key tech trends you should be aware of.

Key Tech Trends

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a top priority in the ski and board industry, and brands like Blizzard and Atomic are leading the way. They're increasingly using eco-friendly materials in their products. From skis made with recycled materials to snowboard bindings using sustainable plastics, you can expect to see more environmentally conscious options from these brands at Outpost Sunsport.


Smart Equipment

Brands like Marker and Head are at the forefront of integrating technology into ski and snowboard gear. Helmets with built-in communication systems, goggles with heads-up displays, and smart bindings that track your performance are becoming more common. These innovations can enhance your safety and overall experience on the slopes.


3D Printing

Customization is essential, and brands like Dalbello and Fischer are embracing 3D printing technology. This allows for personalized ski and snowboard equipment tailored to your body and preferences. From custom boot liners to insoles and even entire ski designs, expect to find more opportunities for a truly individualized experience with brands like these at Outpost Sunsport.


Visit Outpost Sunsport to explore these 2023-2024 tech trends and upgrade your skiing and snowboarding gear with leading brands like Armada, Black Crows, Leki, and BCA. Stay ahead of the curve and enjoy a safer, more sustainable, personalized winter sports experience.

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