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Snowboarding vs. Skiing: Which do you ride?

It's become the new rivalry of the mountain. Snowboarding vs. skiing. Snowboarders vs. skiers. If you're a snowboarder you can't stand the wide turns made by skiers, if you're a skier, you can't stand the speed and sharpness of snowboarding. It's a battle that will probably consume the mountain for years to come, until we all learn to share the powder equally.

An article in the United Kingdom paper Daily Mail states that a new report for the National Ski Areas Association in the US has made steps toward figuring out which snow sport is more dangerous than the other, and the result is surprising to most.

The research found that while snowboarders are 50 to 70 per cent more likely to get injured, there is less risk of a serious injury.

Rochester Institute of Technology states that snowboarders were also around 30 per cent less likely to be killed than skiers because the risk of 'collisions with fixed objects, where somebody is going at a relatively high speed' was higher on skis.

An increase in the number of people wearing helmets on the slopes has halved the number of head injuries since 1999.

The research also found that the traditional skier's injury of a broken leg has also been all but eradicated by improvements in bindings, which now commonly have quick release mechanisms.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-1347904/Snowboarding-safer-skiing-National-Ski-Areas-Association-finds.html#ixzz1BKKCptSF
With that being said, both sports are considered risky, and should be carried out with a level of responsibility and care. A few rules to abide by to ensure the safety of yourself and others are:
  • Listen to ski patrol. Usually if there is a "No Fly Zone" or a "Slow Zone"ΞΎ it is because there are people who are less experienced on the run that may unpredictably fall or stop in your path. Part of being a responsible rider is being aware of your surroundings.
  • Downhill has the right-of-way. It is a simple, and somewhat frustrating topic when the mountain is cluttered, but downhill always has the right-of-way. This doesn't mean that the downhill rider should cut across the entire busy run without looking, but it does mean that everyone should pay attention.
  • Don't go faster than your experience allows for. There are a lot of riders who bomb down the mountain in an uncontrolled manner, this is unsafe for you and the other riders. Make sure you are in control of your board and your movements at all times.
  • WEAR A HELMET. Check out Outpost Sunsport for some of the sickest helmets on the market.

Be safe and ride hard and remember, the mountain welcomes both skiers and snowboarders alike, it is best that we all learn to live together in snowy harmony.

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