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Something For Your Snow-Tooth

Most people have what is commonly known as a "sweet-tooth" - that intense craving for something sweet and savory. It comes out of nowhere and can drive you crazy until you satisfy it. Well... we have (and we know some of you have) a snow-tooth. That urge to seek out soft, white, fluffy powder to lay fresh tracks in, that cannot be eliminated until it has been satisfied.

We want to help you seek refuge from your snow-tooth with a few photos from this weekend at Keystone.

Keystone stats, current as of this morning:

High of 27* today & snowing!

3" new snow

15" new snow in the past 7 days

21" mountain base

16 lifts open (including the Outback Gondola)

Road conditions: dry through Genesee, snow before & after the Eisenhower tunnel to Georgetown. Take caution driving through Silverthorne and past Frisco.




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