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Spring Break: Gear and Places to go in Colorado!

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It’s that time of year again, when schools let out and weeklong vacations ensue. Schools all over the place let out for a brief intermission, giving the staff and students a break from their daily norms. This allows families and friends the perfect chance to escape to the hills for a few days where they can let loose.

Though some opt for warm weather destinations with beaches and bodies of water (that aren’t frozen), we prefer to encourage people to hit the slopes and find their inner Lindsey Vonn or Shaun White. After all, those beaches and warmer temperatures can be enjoyed all year, where as the ski and riding season is only around for just a few months out of the year.

If you’re looking to pack the family up and take the kids to the mountains for a days/weeks worth of carving turns and tackling powder drenched hills, stop in and let us help you get decked out in the right equipment. Hats, helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, hand and foot warmers, we’ve got you covered. Not to mention, our wide selection of rental equipment that includes skis, snowboards, and even snowshoes. Let us help you and your family get prepped and ready for a week of fun!

Have all the gear without a clue where to spend your free time, continue reading below.

Some might not have a week long vacation, and instead can only find a day or two to escape to the mountains. You’ll want something that’s close and convenient. Try places like Eldora Mountain Resort, Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area, Loveland Ski Area, or Beaver Meadows, all of which are about two hours away at the most. Save yourself the drive time and enjoy more time on snow at those locations.

Lucky enough to have time off to venture a bit further and spend more time in the hills? We suggest heading for places like Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Aspen, Steamboat, or Telluride. These amazing resorts have it all. Though you may have to face a bit more traffic, the end result you’ll get in the towns and on the slopes is well worth it. With some of the best overall terrain and quality restaurants and nightlife, these destinations rank among best in Colorado.

Once you have a resort picked out be sure to check out their event calendars, or maybe do this before you decide.   This way you can plan on attending some of the season’s best events or avoid the hustle and bustle of those busier days so you can relax. One of the biggest events is the annual Spring Jam held in Aspen/Snowmass March 13th-29th. The two-week festival features concerts and competitions that all add up to lots of fun, making it an event we highly recommend checking out.

Be it one day, or seven, we hope all of you can get out there and enjoy the snow at some point during the snowiest month of the year!

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