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Spring Waxing

It’s that time again, the spring ski season is upon us. Some may pack it in and call it a season as they are strictly powder seekers, but others look forward to wearing a light shell and shredding those sunny bluebird days. Spring skiing is a whole different beast or ball game, starting with conditions, the type of board or skis that are chosen to rip that day, and lastly the type of wax that is being used to accommodate your ride. It is important to understand the difference between cold weather wax and warm weather wax. Using the right wax in the right conditions will preserve the health of your base, give you more speed and control, help the longevity of your board or skis condition, will be much safer, and ultimately provide a way more fun experience.  

As we strap in and top off the last few months of a wonderful season, March has the highest monthly snowfall rate of the year. With that being said, the massive snowfall catches the rays of the beautiful Colorado sunshine in the following days. This makes for a slushy slope that accounts for a different type of shredding. When the dryer snow becomes wetter, we want to emphasize how important different wax is for your board or skis.  

The difference between cold and warm wax is the softness in which it lays on your base. The cold temperature wax is harder, making it easier to slide on the light, fluffy, dry snow. Whereas warm temperature wax is softer making it a better counter to the wet, slushy, spring skiing conditions. It’s also a better partner for your ski or snowboard as it adheres easier to the base and does not need to be waxed as often. Here at Outpost Sunsport, we provide all that you may need. If you want to get a last-minute cold weather wax for these dumping conditions, we can take care of you. If you are running off your last few days of that cold weather wax and are ready to prep for the bluebird spring season, then grab your skis or board and we will get them primed and ready for you.  

When we reach April, we are packing into our vehicles for the last view visits to the resorts. The snow is wet and slower making it that much more important to have the right wax on your board or skis. One wouldn’t use Nascar tires in the mud, right? To cap off the last few days of a great season we want smiles coming off the mountain and not regret that your board was holding you back from your best abilities or your skis weren’t giving you the speed that you needed to throw one last 360 of the season.    

If you are a local or just visiting for the epic slopes here in Colorado, we want you to be safe, have the best possible success on the mountains, and most importantly have a blast while doing so. Spring skiing is a cherished time to enjoy both the remaining snow and the beautiful sights that Colorado offers. Get a fresh warm-weather wax, strap on those boots, and let loose out there.  

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