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Take Care of Your Gear and Ride Another Year!

The best way to make sure that you can get the most riding out of your ski and snow gear is to routinely tune your board and skis. All basic snowboard maintenance, repair and tuning can be done at home with the right tools and some practice, however if your board has taken serious damage like deep gouges in your base, or if you have no experience tuning your own board or skis, you're better off leaving the repair to the professionals.

You can always bring your board or skis into Outpost Sunsport (24 hour turn around service available) for tuning and repairs.

Our Rates:

Silver Tune

(Inclues ceramic side edge and machine wax.) ξ $19.50

Gold Tune

(Includes micro-finish belt grind, ceramic side edge and machine wax.) $29

Platinum Tune

(Includes belt grind, stone grind, minor base damage repair, and machine wax.) ξξξξξξξξξξξξξξ $43

**Check our site for individual rates. https://outpostsunsport.com/tuneupandrepair.php

Riders, here are a couple of things to remember about your skis/board:

The base of your Snowboard should be totally flat. If your edges are higher than your base, then your base is convex. If the edges of your board are lower than your base, then your base is concave. You can easily check the rounding of your base by placing a ruler or flat object against your snowboard and checking if there's light coming through the front view of your base. If your base is not flat then it needs to be ground, this should always be left to the professionals because done wrong it can seriously ruin your board.

Keep your edges sharp. Snowboard/skis with sharp edges will help you in turns and will improve your general grip and edge control in different textures and consistencies of snow. As you ride the edges will start to wear and become dull and burred. Maintenance on your edges is easy as long as you do it on a regular basis and keep your board from getting in too bad of shape.

Wax your skis/board regularly.

Wax makes it easier for your board or skis to glide over the snow. In addition to improving performance, waxing protects your base from damage caused by use as well as by moisture, UV rays, and dirt. It is definitely worth it to wax before you ride. There are several different ways to wax your snowboard, however if you have never done it before I recommend bringing it in- (Silver Tune includes a wax for under $20).

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