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Tips for a Successful Ski Day with Your Kids

Go skiing with your kids!

If you live in Colorado and love skiing or snowboarding, share your passion with your kids! Sure, life before kids was much easier to get out of the house early and hit the slopes for a full day of skiing. But your kiddos can be right there with you. All in good time.

Start them young. It is never too soon to start getting your kids used to winter equipment. Bundle them up and slide their feet into boots at home so that they can adjust to their equipment. Once they get used to the gear, it will be time to hit the slopes!

Here are some pointers to set yourself up for a successful ski day for the entire family:

Ski-day motto: Be patient and have fun!

Prepare the night before. Do a gear check and pack everyone’s bags up the night before. Make sure all equipment is accounted for. Pack food for snacks and lunch to help save money when you are at the resort.

Morning ritual. Get the coffee going early. Pack your vehicle with all your gear while the kids are waking up and eating breakfast. Pile everyone into the car and do a second gear check to make sure all boots, skis, poles, and bags have made their way to the car.

Pray to the traffic gods. If you are heading to a resort off the i-70 corridor, expect traffic. Either leave before the sun comes up or leave mid-morning to dodge rush hour.

Gear up. Once you arrive, blast some pump-up tunes while you help your kids put their layers on and wiggle into their boots. Then get yourself ready too!

Straight to ski school. While your kids are still learning to master the art of skiing or snowboarding, it can be helpful to enroll them in a few hours of ski school to kick the day off. Once they begin their lessons, enjoy the freedom to get some quick adults-only laps in!

Food, naps and an inside warming session. After ski school, assess what your kids need. It is likely that they would benefit from a break. Head inside to eat and warm up. Afterward, if energetic levels remain high, consider taking your kids out for a few laps together. Remember to make good terrain choices that are accessible and fun for everyone.

Fuel up for the drive home. Once your kids are ready to end the ski day, get the fuel you need to make the trek home bearable. Fill up your gas tank (if needed) and grab a cup of coffee to keep your energy levels high.

Keep this ski-day ritual up and eventually, your kids will grow up to be better than you out there! As they grow, consider renting equipment rather than buying each year. Outpost Sunsport has a variety of different rental packages that will give your kids access to gear that is the right size and fit for them. It will also allow them to try different types of skis over the years to see what best suits them.

View our rental packages and get ready to hit the slopes for a fun family day!»

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