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Trevor’s Before the Slopes Gear Pick

Outpost Sunsport is home to fantastic employees who know how to work hard and play hard! Trevor Kayl has been on the Outpost team for over six years, and we have no idea what we’d do without him. Trevor grew up exploring the Rocky Mountains, and is an avid skier, snowboarder, backpacker and fisherman. He’s also a horticulturist and photographer, and can nearly always be found on outdoor adventures with a camera in hand.

With Trevor’s years of experience in the outdoor industry, we wanted to get his opinion on the products we carry here at Outpost Sunsport. Read on to learn all about Trevor’s current favorite boarding gear!

Q: What’s your favorite winter product sold at Outpost Sunsport? 

A: I have many favorite products that we carry here at Outpost, but one that stands out is the Capita Mercury snowboard.

Q: Why do you like this product so much? 

A: I love that the profile on the Mercury is incredibly versatile. It has a directional twin shape, with camber underfoot and rocker outside of the insert packs. This allows for excellent stability at high speeds, but also provides a great response through turns. The rocker helps you stay nimble through tighter trees, helps you float in powder, and makes it easier to lock into a press in the park.

Q: How does this product work?

A: The power and precision of this snowboard comes from its core! The Paulownia and Poplar wood core keeps the board very lightweight. The Capita Mercury uses V-Tech amplifiers and a sheet of fiberglass to stiffen the board.

Q: What does maintenance look like for this product?

A:   This snowboard has a very high-quality sintered base, so it’s important to keep it waxed up. (Consider checking this around a week before you're planning to go.) Other than that, I recommend that you just take good care of this board and perform typical snowboard maintenance on it as needed!

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