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Turtle Fur’s Project Warmth Initiative

Helping those in need stay warm!

Turtle Fur is taking their community give-back to the next level with Project Warmth! In 2008, Turtle Fur created the Project Warmth initiative with the mission of helping homeless shelters, hospitals, schools and family centers stay warm.

The concept is simple. Every time someone tags Turtle Fur in a photo of them wearing their Turtle Fur product and includes the #projectwarmth, Turtle Fur will see it and send one hat or cold weather accessory to someone in need. Since the initial launch, Turtle Fur has expanded their giving to reach recipients in need across the United States and has donated more than 50,000 pieces.

Want to participate with Outpost Sunsport this year and do twice the amount of good? It’s easy! Turtle Fur is teaming up with retailers like us around the country to double down on Project Warmth efforts. Using the power of your social media outlets and following the below steps, you can easily rack up some good karma points.

Step 1: Head over to Outpost Sunsport to buy some Turtle Fur products to keep you warm this winter. We have face masks, neck warmers and hats with fun colors and designs available!

Step 2: Take a photo wearing your new Turtle Fur product.

Step 3:

  • Tag @TurtleFur
  • Tag @OutpostSunsport (If you tag the retailer where you purchased your Turtle Fur product, Turtle Fur will donate an additional hat or cold weather accessory to someone in need.)
  • Hashtag #ProjectWarmth

Step 4: Share on any or all of your social media platforms so that Turtle Fur can see it and include your post in the Project Warmth initiative.

Join Outpost in helping those in need stay warm and come shop for your Turtle Fur products today!

Click here for more information and to view the list of current project warmth recipients.

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