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Warren Miller and Outpost Sunsport Give You A Ticket to Ride Some of the World’s Most Awesome Ski Destinations!

Edge-of-your-seat excitement. Extraordinary views. Life-endangering feats.  It’s what Warren Miller films have become synonymous with, and it’s the awesome inspiration Outpost Sunsport is associated with.

Outpost Sunsport is proud to once again be presenting Warren Miller’s newest epic adventure, Ticket to Ride.

If you’ve ever watched a Warren Miller production, you know it’s not just a movie–it’s an experience. Ticket to Ride is your ticket to see some of the world’s most renowned and sought-after ski destinations.  You’ll get a bird’s eye view of captivating mountains in Alaska, Iceland and Greenland as world-class athletes use them as their personal playgrounds!  You’ll even see Aspen in a whole new light when park and pipe veteran Gretchen Bleiler rips through its trails.  (Go girl!)

You can take it all in right from your seat, right here at Fort Collins’ Lincoln Center on Friday, November 8th.  To make sure everyone gets in, there will be two showings, 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Outpost Sunsport owner, Randy Morgan is a long-time Warren Miller fan.  It’s a big reason he has helped bring this event to Fort Collins every year, since 1983!  Whether you’re a novice or expert skier, watching a Warren Miller film adventure is the perfect way to kick off the ski season and get you motivated to hit the slopes.  Once you’re ready, make sure to take advantage of all the great sales Outpost Sunsport has going on!  From great-looking gear to top of the line equipment, Outpost Sunsport has everything for your own personal ski adventure.

After you see the movie make sure to share your reactions on Outpost Sunsport’s Facebook page.  We might even use your feedback in a future blog post, recapping the event.

Visit Lincoln Center online here to get your tickets to Ticket to Ride!

See you there!

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