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What is the hype with demo skis anyways?

Demo = a demonstration of a product or technique.

Demo Ski = the opportunity to test ride some of the newest lines of skis and snowboards.

Look down at your skis and be honest. Are they outdated? Are they maximizing your ability to ski comfortably and explore the mountain with confidence?

Technology in the ski industry is constantly evolving. The shape, size, and materials used to build skis and snowboards have come a long way. Designs of current available products are intended to enhance the skiing experience to better handle different types of snow and terrain.

So, what are you waiting for? Get caught up to speed and try some new sticks out!

Outpost Sunsport has a variety of demo ski, boots, and bindings available for purchase at a heavily discounted price! Whether you are newly getting into the sport of skiing or are simply looking to update your gear, purchasing a demo package has many benefits.

Demo packages from Outpost Sunsport are in great shape! Our demo packages are gently used and in great shape. A typical demo rental sourced directly from a ski resort has the potential to have 100+ days of wear and tear from previous renters. This is not the case at Outpost Sunsport. Our demo packages range between a mere 10-20 days of use per season, keeping them pristine and in great riding shape.

We have a wide selection of skis available. At Outpost Sunsport, our demo selections consist of a wide variety of brands and models. We have some of the latest and greatest skis and bindings currently available on the market. And all of our packages are for sale at a heavily discounted price!

Get ready to venture into new territories on demo skis and bindings on sale for up to 60% off!

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