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Why Season Rentals Just Make Sense

Season Rentals are here, but what’s the hype? Season rentals are a guaranteed way to save money, minimize stress and maximize shredding time. Let’s break it down in a few ways. 


On average, basic ski rental packages in Colorado run about $65 per day for basic gear including skis/snowboards, poles, boots, and bindings. That can add up fast! Meanwhile, season rentals, depending on the package, can range from $60 for just boots to $200 for a whole package for an entire season. You’re saving big, even for that four-day weekend you planned! Now you can take that savings and put it toward upgrading other gear, upgrading your room, or put it toward your next adventure.   


Another thing to consider is efficiency for the whole family. The typical family of four should heavily consider season rentals if they plan on skiing for more than three days as season rentals can end up saving them roughly $780 throughout the season. If the savings alone don’t sell you on season rentals, the safety and minimal stress will. Season rentals, while they may have been used before, experience consistent wear and maintenance for a smoother, safer ride.   


Finally, you just save time. Instead of heading to the shop on a weekly basis to pick up skis, season rentals allow you to get to the shop once, take home your equipment, and come back if something needs to be adjusted or fixed. No need to wait in long-packed lines of folks waiting to get their one or three-day rentals, you’re already good to go! This saves you time during your week and on the mountain. 


Keep your mountain time, avoid stress, save money, be happy, and support your local businesses. These are just a few of the reasons season rentals are back and better than ever. 

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