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Why You Need a Firepit This Fall


Colorado weather is seemingly unpredictable. One day we get three inches of snow and two days later it’s seventy degrees! This is why a fire pit is a must-have piece in order to keep your outdoor area relevant this fall. Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the outdoors! Here are a few more reasons to help convince you to visit Outpost Sunsport for a firepit:

Extend Your Living Space

Adding a firepit or fire table to your outdoor area extends your living space into the outdoors. Imagine yourself wrapped up in a blanket by the fire this fall enjoying a good book or even just chatting about the day with your family. It doesn’t get much better than that. A firepit helps you create an “outdoor room” feel.

Create a Sanctuary

Firepits create a calming ambience that is difficult to achieve with any other piece. Life can be crazy sometimes and creating an escape from the stress of it all can be invaluable.

Fall Outdoor Entertainment

Summer and spring do not have a monopoly on outdoor entertainment! S’mores, pumpkin spice scotchies and much more, the possibilities are endless. A firepit or fire table can add a focal point to your outdoor entertainment area that makes your next fall party a wild success. So go ahead and invite the neighbors over and show off.

Outpost Sunsport has you covered on all your firepit and fire table needs. From O.W. Lee to Telescope, we carry all of the top brands that you need to complete your outdoor space this fall. Come in now and take advantage of savings on firepits, fire tables and more during our Fall Firepit Sale (name?). Plus, we offer fast, free, same day delivery (within 15 miles of our location) so no need to worry about strapping your piece to the top of the family sedan!

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