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Have “S’more” Fun This Fall!

September is here, which means that autumn is just around the corner! If you’re already feeling a bit nostalgic for sweet summer, never fear – we’re here to assure you that there are summer traditions that can (and should) stick around well into fall!

The team here at Outpost Sunsport is a bit crazy for s’mores – we can’t get enough of the warm, gooey, summery treat that’s just so reminiscent of childhood. Every once in a while, we try to think outside the box when it comes to our sticky, marshmallow-y creations – who says that a s’more can only be made with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows?

We’ve decided to spill the beans and share the recipes to a few of our favorite s’more spinoffs. When you’re done reading, you’ll be dying to try these for yourself!

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry S’mores: roasted marshmallow + graham crackers + sliced strawberries + dark chocolate
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores: roasted marshmallow + chocolate chip cookies + milk chocolate
  • Rice Krispies Treat S’mores: roasted marshmallow + Rice Krispies treats + milk chocolate
  • Nutella S’mores: roasted marshmallow + graham crackers + Nutella
  • Roasted Berry S’mores: roasted marshmallow + shortbread cookies + roasted berries + dark chocolate
  • Mexican Chocolate S’mores: roasted marshmallow + graham cracker + dark chocolate + cinnamon + chili powder
  • Girl Scout Cookie S’mores: roasted marshmallow + Girl Scout cookies of choice (we like Samoas!) + milk chocolate
  • S’moreos: roasted marshmallow + Oreo cookies
  • Coconut Caramel S’mores: roasted marshmallow + Stroopwafels + shredded coconut + milk chocolate
  • Cookie Butter S’mores: roasted marshmallow + graham cracker + Speculoos/Biscoff spread + milk chocolate

We hope reading this has made you hungry, and we hope that you continue to indulge in delicious  s’mores long after summer is officially “over!”

Outpost Sunsport carries everything you need to create the perfect outdoor living space to enjoy this autumn. Our team is here to help you find the perfect patio furniture to create a warm, cozy space in your backyard – perfect for hosting gatherings with friends, family, and neighbors. Why not host a dessert night with a build-you-own s’mores bar? Your guests will certainly be impressed!

Outpost Sunsport does carry fire pits, but we do not recommend cooking s’mores (or any other food) over gas fire pits. 

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