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Prepare yourself and your outdoor space for the perfect Fall patio season

After a beautiful, hot summer filled with pool days and family summer nights, we look forward to the fall season that is quickly approaching. The nights begin to turn cooler, we replace our swimsuits for lightweight sweaters, and our Aperol spritzes for warm cider. The Fall is one of Colorado’s most beautiful seasons, and it wins in our opinion, for the best season to spend ample time outdoors on your patio. At Outpost Sunsport, we have the perfect pieces to add to your patio to create the fall vibe you want for your outdoor space, along with tips and tricks to transition your patio into the fall season.

Fire pits

If you are looking for some extra warmth during the fall season, we suggest looking into the idea of putting in a fire pit! While adding the perfect amount of heat to your nighttime happy hour, fire pits also create a fabulous and cozy atmosphere. We feature lots of great options online and in-store including fire pits by O.W. Lee, as well as fire pits from Hanamint and Telescope Casual.

Fall veggies

Are you looking to extend your green thumb past summer? There are tons of fall veggies that you can plant in your outdoor garden! Veggies such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, and peas are all great options for cooler weather plants. They will motivate you to continue spending time outside in your space and they will produce some tasty add ons to your meals!

Outdoor furniture

Consider adding more comfortable furniture to your outdoor patio, to allow for more gatherings to be held there! Look into some fun and cozy chairs like those from the Jensen Collection, or Woodard. You can also look into adding a fun small table outside if you don’t already have one! Our table and chair sets are typically made with durable materials which allow you to have guests over year-round and not worry about any seasonal weather ruining them!

Cozy add-ons

We also suggest adding some cozy, fun fall and winter blankets to your outdoor patio! Just in case the nights surprise you with cooler temperatures than expected. Nothing gives off cozier fall vibes than hanging out by a fire pit with your favorite blanket draped around you!

While summer is filled with time spent outside, fall provides even more opportunities! Come into Outpost Sunsport for assistance with creating and adding special pieces to your outdoor patio. Get excited for those lovely fall nights spent outside, in your dream patio space!


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