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Spring Break at Colorado's Ski Resorts

Mid-March is marching up quick, and that means you’re looking forward to that stress-relieving week on the slopes. Did you know there are ways to avoid huge crowds and alleviate stressors that can creep in on your vacation?

First things first, where are you staying? Yes, ski-in ski-out resorts come at a hefty cost, but they do have that first-chair potential. What can you do instead? Air-BnB is always a great option, and they usually come with just as many – if not more – amenities than an on-mountain hotel plus they are usually cheaper. One tip is to look for a place to stay that is close to the shuttle station, that way you’re saving money on gas and parking fees. Most routes often run late, like 11:15 p.m. late. So, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you have plenty of time for post-skiing fun without having to worry about an Uber or driving.

Crowds are always a vibe killer. There aren’t ways to prevent them, but there are ways to avoid waiting in lift lines. Foremost, know the mountain that you’re on. Oftentimes, your spring break mountain is familiar to you, but if it isn't, get to know it. We recommend visiting your resort’s website and examining the trail map. This can help you stay on parts of the mountain that are less crowded or take routes that allow lift lines to lull by the time you get there.

Arrive early. This is a given. All skiers and riders know that getting there early is important. However, there is also a benefit to showing up after the rush – eliminating the commute and crowd getting to the mountain, but not necessarily the lift lines once you arrive. Once you’re on the mountain, stay on lifts that are mid-mountain. The lines at the bottom of the mountain are always going to be the most crowded, staying on lifts that are made for quick laps will cut your wait time down significantly. One way to know that you’re on a mid-mountain lift is whether you are required to scan your pass, if you do not have to scan your pass then you are located mid-mountain.

Following these tips can significantly reduce your stress around wait times, crowds, and traffic in general: nobody needs that during spring break. Plan ahead and get yourself familiar with where to ski. Now go get your stoke on!

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