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The Gardens on Spring Creek: Bird House Villages Sponsorship

It’s no secret that the Outpost Sunsport team is passionate about the outdoors. While we may be particularly fond of any opportunity to participate in exciting outdoor activities – such as skiing or snowboarding – we love the still, quiet beauty of nature as well. 

We wish for everyone to have access to a beautiful outdoor living space, from which they can fully experience and enjoy the beauty of Colorado’s flora and fauna. Our love of nature is also why we choose to support local organizations which encourage enjoyment and stewardship of beautiful outdoor spaces. 

One such organization that we take great pride in partnering with is the Gardens on Spring Creek, Fort Collins’ very own community botanic garden. These beautiful gardens have been an important part of our city since 2004, when the City of Fort Collins and the Friends of the Gardens on Spring Creek partnered to create a community-oriented, educational, experiential, and sustainable community garden.  Through their horticultural work and education, the Gardens on Spring Creek fosters environmental stewardship in our community. 

This summer, we have the privilege of working alongside the Gardens on Spring Creek as a sponsor for their newest temporary art installation – Bird House Villages. This installation, created by local artists Daniel Huling and Todd Kundla, will feature nine unique bird communities.  The artists used found objects in their birdhouse construction, much the same as many nesting birds. This installation explores the themes of home, community, and creativity – as you wander through the gardens and explore the Bird House Villages, you may find yourself pondering what makes a home a home. 

While this installation is aesthetically beautiful, it isn’t just for humans to enjoy – Bird House Villages also aims to attract new birds to the Gardens on Spring Creek! Our flighted feathered friends perform many important ecological functions such as seed dispersal, pollination, and pest control. More birds at the Gardens means a healthier ecosystem, and it also results in exciting, interactive birding opportunities for patrons of the Gardens.

Environmental stewardship is important to us outdoor lovers here at Outpost Sunsport, and we are proud to work with organizations which promote the good of the natural world. It has been a privilege to sponsor this project, and we encourage you to stop by the Gardens on Spring Creek and see the BirdHouse Villages for yourself!

Visit https://www.fcgov.com/gardens/ to learn more about the mission and vision of the Gardens on Spring Creek, or for information about visiting the Gardens. The Bird House Villages installation will be at the Gardens now through February of 2023 – you have plenty of time to plan a visit!

If you fall in love with the Gardens and find yourself wanting to create a relaxing nature oasis for yourself, stop by Outpost Sunsport – our team is eager to help you create a beautiful outdoor living space.

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