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What Patio Furniture Materials Are the Most Resilient to the Colorado Climate?

Colorado’s beautiful weather and jaw-dropping natural splendor make outdoor living spaces one of the best investments for Coloradans seeking to upgrade their home. But as you consider how to make your outdoor spaces an extension of yourself and your way of life, it’s first very important to know that the materials you choose for your project, such as outdoor patio furniture, will be subjected to harsher weather than the idyllic weather can sometimes lead us to expect. 

Between hundreds of days of sunshine, frequent periods of freezing and thawing, and even Colorado’s high altitude, outdoor patio furniture should be built to last in our environment. An investment into your home’s outdoor living spaces is worthwhile and enjoyable for years to come - here are the most resilient materials to look for when selecting outdoor patio furniture. 

Colorado Climate: Why Quality Outdoor Furniture Matters

All outdoor patio furniture, no matter where you are in the world, should be built to be durable, weather-resistant, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Some furniture materials are less expensive than others and will come at a cheaper price tag, but they will also falter in intense weather conditions and require frequent repairs, maintenance, and even replacements that are much more expensive in the long run. Your best bet as a Coloradan is not to waste your money on a disposable purchase that fades, rusts, breaks, and cracks and instead invest in high-quality outdoor furniture built to withstand the Colorado elements. 

This is not something to be complacent about, unfortunately. Because Colorado is situated at a high altitude, it means there are fewer atmospheric protections between the sun’s harsh rays and your furniture. The more direct, intense sun causes furniture to be brittle, dry, faded, and painfully hot. Furthermore, it doesn’t take long to realize just how frequently Colorado will freeze with a blanket of ice and snow only to be scorched by the sun the following afternoon - these frequent periods of freezing and thawing cause outdoor patio furniture to weaken and break as well. The list doesn’t stop there, but once you’ve considered Colorado afternoon thunderstorms, hail, pine beetles, and all the other harsh climatic conditions of our beloved state, it becomes clear that solid, quality outdoor patio furniture is a must. 

Outdoor Design Trends

Wondering where to begin? Currently, a lot of outdoor living spaces feature sustainably sourced and resilient natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal. Popular outdoor patio furniture includes firepits to provide warmth and a focal point for entertaining during the evenings, large patio umbrellas to ward off the direct sunlight, and well-designed and aesthetically pleasing furniture styled for the Rocky Mountains, the front range urban corridor, and even the eastern plains. 

Resilient Materials: Pros and Cons

In today’s world, there are many new outdoor patio furniture materials that are making it easier to bring the comfort of indoor furniture to the great outdoors. What follows is a guide to the most common materials and a breakdown of the pros and cons of each. 


Hardwood is a term for any wood created from broad-leafed trees, such as walnut, beech, mahogany, maple and oak trees. Hardwood trees produce a more complex wood structure that promotes superior durability - this means that outdoor patio furniture using hardwood will be stronger, relatively water-resistant, resilient to harsh temperatures, and long-lasting. The downsides are that hardwood is difficult to work with into furniture, harder to paint, and it will generally be more expensive than furniture using other materials. Hardwood is, while expensive, a beautiful and strong material that is well-suited to the Colorado environment. 


Softwood is wood that is sourced from conifers, such as pine, fir, or spruce. Softwood is typically less dense and lighter in weight than hardwood, and many varieties of softwood are used in commercial construction, paper production, and furniture. Due to its lightweight and low-cost nature, softwood is a commonly used material for furniture; but even though it’s easy to work with, less expensive, and even eco-friendly, softwood is unfortunately easily damaged by sunlight and water, short-living, and not structurally suitable for all projects and products. Softwood is good for areas with hot, dry temperatures, but it is not so good for climates with high wind. 


Iron is a type of metal that is both durable and heavy. Despite its strength and weight, iron can be shaped into intricate shapes by metal-working experts, conveying a sense of traditional aesthetic charm. It is extremely long-lasting, but it unfortunately rusts easily if not maintained appropriately, and it is difficult to move and becomes extremely hot in the sun. This is an ideal material if you live in an area with high winds and frequent storms but not so much if there is significant water and you don’t plan on investing in maintenance for your furniture frequently.


Unlike iron, aluminum is a lightweight metal that is relatively easy to work and move. It is malleable, allowing for the beautiful design of outdoor patio furniture, but it is also strong and able to withstand heavy rain and sun. In fact, it is lightweight and highly durable, and it resists rust and moisture damage better than most other metals. Its lightweight construction makes it less expensive among other benefits, but it also takes away some of its ability to withstand high winds. There’s a reason aluminum is one of the most used metals in outdoor patio furniture! 


Steel, and more specifically stainless steel, is a bright silver metal that is extremely resistant to corrosion, stains, and rust. Steel is highly durable, exceptionally rust-resistant, easy to clean, and made from sustainable, recycled materials. If this feels too good to be true, the benefits of stainless steel are offset by its higher price tag; it also gets extremely hot in the sun and cold in the winter like iron. However, if you’re willing to make the bigger investment into steel, you will be guaranteed to have outdoor patio furniture that can withstand all types of weather, including wind, rain, sun, and frequent periods of freezing and thawing. 


Man-made (synthetic) materials, such as resins and plastics, are inexpensive, lightweight, and can be manufactured in a near-infinite variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Synthetic materials are also often completely resistant to any type of water damage, and they tend to maintain their color longer since the color is integral to the material itself rather than getting applied to the exterior. To make it even better, synthetic materials are also often, but not always, made from recycled materials, and they can withstand rain, sun, and temperature fluctuations. The downside of synthetic materials is that they can be too light for windy areas and, depending on the material, can be less structurally robust than other materials. 


A variety of synthetic fabrics can be found in outdoor patio furniture as well. Be on the lookout for acrylic, olefin, and polyester fibers, as they provide superior resistance to water and wind. Fabric can also be stain-resistant, highly resistant against UV rays and fading, and supremely durable. Take care when selecting fabrics, as some are inexpensive and durable but sacrifice their ability to resist fading. Be sure to contact a team of outdoor patio furniture experts with any questions. 

Find Your Perfect Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is one of the best investments for your property - between your property’s optimized value, increased use, and aesthetic appreciation, high-quality outdoor furniture is a must! Navigating the outdoor furniture market can be difficult, however, especially considering the nuances of choosing furniture with materials that are resilient enough to last the test of time in Colorado’s climate. Contact Outpost Sunsport today to learn more about our outdoor patio furniture offerings and to learn why our clients love working with us!

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