Here at Outpost Sunsport, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform your business’s outdoor space to best fit your clients’ needs. We carry the highest quality, professional-grade commercial patio furniture that beautifully accents your business and can accommodate any size outdoor space.

We offer a wide variety of types of furniture for your outdoor space. Most notably, we have provided the clients listed below with chairs, tables, and umbrellas to make their guests and employees feel comfortable and content when utilizing their outdoor space. These pieces can truly transform your space, so it is beneficial long term to invest in high-quality options.

The most significant differentiator for our patio furniture lies in the fact that each piece is constructed through a refined manufacturing process with strong materials, durable fabrics, and high-gauge fasteners. We vet each and every one of the manufacturers to ensure their ability to provide only the highest quality, most durable products for you that will stand the test of harsh Colorado weather exposure. With these products, we can accommodate hotels, restaurants, breweries, golf courses, health clubs, corporate offices, and much more.

Our commercial patio clients include:

Product Highlights

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