Whether you are in need of a freestanding umbrella for your patio table or an offset umbrella to cover your seating area, Outpost Sunsport has the highest quality outdoor umbrella options available. Our staff can help you pick out the correct size and style to perfectly match your new or existing furniture set with our wide variety of outdoor umbrellas in various heights, tilting (and lighting!) options, shapes, colors, and sizes.

Square, Rectangle, Octagon, and Cantilever Umbrellas are available, as well as umbrella bases. 

Custom orders are our specialty. Choose from our large selection of umbrella manufacturers to find exactly what suits what you are looking for.

Product Highlights

  • Shademaker Umbrellas

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  • Treasure Garden Umbrellas

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  • Tucci Umbrellas

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*Visit our store to see our full selection of umbrellas, fire pits, patio furniture and more! We have hundreds of styles and options to choose from.

Like it today, be covered by it tonight with same day delivery.

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