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Our full-service shop offers the finest ski and snowboard tuning in the Front Range. Our experts have decades of experience and we provide everything from individual requests to season service plans.

Our Equipment

Wintersteiger Wax Future

The Wax Future is a World Cup tested waxing machine for snowboards and skis. The Wax Future offers the highest level of “Racing” quality waxing results, using the latest in Infrared Technology. After the wax has been applied, the Wax Future penetrates the wax deeper into the base due to the infrared radiation – for perfect gliding properties over a long distance. Ideally, waxing should be done every three or so times out on the slopes.

Wintersteiger Omega Base Grinding

The inline stone/belt grinding machine for skis, snowboards and cross country skis. The Omega SBI combines the full range of services for both belt sanding and stone grinding. The Omega is also capable of custom grinding programs for the grinding stone and belt modules.

Wintersteiger Trimjet

Outpost Sunsport has always offered the most high-tech ski and snowboard tuning machines in the market and this season is no different with the upgrade to the Wintersteiger Trimjet. The Trimjet offers a ceramic disc finish on both side and bottom edges for skis and snowboards. The revolutionary ceramic disc finish guarantees a precise edge geometry, exact grinding angles and an absolutely smooth edge surface over the total ski and snowboard length. Grinding with the self-sharpening ceramic discs gives skis and snowboards increased turning power. The Trimjet is a prime example of how first-class performance can be combined with high efficiency levels to provide optimum skiing fun and precise carving control. Edge sharpness lasts longer and the turning power remarkable.


Ski & Snowboard Services

Ski & Snowboard Tunes

  • Silver Tune: Includes ceramic side edge and machine wax.
  • Platinum Tune: Belt grind, stone grind, base damage repair with HRP, base re-structure, and infra-red wax. (Repair for core shots are extra.)

Other Shop Work

  • Ski mount and prep
  • Snowboard mount and prep
  • Binding adjustment and function test
  • Custom molded liners
  • Custom molded liners with custom footbed purchase
  • Infra-red wax
  • Machine wax
  • Core shots
  • Edge prepairs
  • Custom boot fitting
  • Performance agreement card
  • Performance agreement premium tune
  • Performance agreement edge & wax

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