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Get Tuned-Up (Waxed & Sharpened) for the Ski Season!

Throughout the winter season, snow conditions will vary. Some days might bring fresh, fluffy powder for your skis to float on. Other days the edges of your skis will have to fight to grip packed powder (or ice!) to keep from sliding. And depending on the snowpack, your skis might be susceptible to snagging rocks and tree stubs.

Regardless of the conditions, it is important that your skis are properly tuned to handle variable terrain! Whether your skis are brand new or got thoroughly used last season, it is always beneficial to examine all surfaces and edges, and here is why:

Get your skis sharpened! Having sharp edges is a critical element to giving you control on the slopes. Over time, the edges of your skis will wear down and they may event rust a bit if they are stored wet for an excessive period of time. In order to maintain a grip on all types of snow and terrain, it is crucial to have freshly sharpened edges. Put your edges to the test before you hit the slopes by scraping the back of a fingernail on the edge of your ski and you should experience a slight scratch. If not, it’s time to bring your skis in to get sharpened!

Wax it on for speed! Do you like to ski fast? Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling of your skis catching on snow and slowing you down. Skis that lack a sufficient layer of wax can be likened to trying to drive a car with a flat tire – it’s not effective! Keeping your skis freshly waxed will improve your overall mobility by making your skis hydrophobic. That’s right… scared of water! A heated wax will permeate into the base of your ski to help protect it and increase its longevity. We recommend frequently examining the bottom of your skis for any exposed scratches or core shots that might need to be filled in with an even coat of new wax.

At Outpost Sunsport, our expert crew offers two types of tune-ups:

Silver Tune: Includes ceramic side edge and machine wax.

Platinum Tune: Belt grind, stone grind, base damage repair with HRP, base re-structure, and infra-red wax.

Swing by to get your skis tuned-up so that you can enjoy that pow!

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