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The Importance of Ski and Snowboard Tuneups

We can practically smell snow in the air, and all of us here at Outpost Sunsport are itching for our favorite season to begin here in Colorado! Winter is just around the corner, and we’ve begun the process of digging out our winter gear and preparing to hit the slopes once again.

While you may be ready for ski season, chances are that your gear needs a bit of attention and care before you can safely head to the mountains. Regular maintenance of your skis and snowboards is important for your safety, and it will also help to ensure that your gear performs well for years to come. What’s more, tuning your skis and boards will make for a faster, smoother, and overall more enjoyable ride – and who doesn’t want that?!

If your skis are showing visible signs of damage – or if you notice rust buildup or a dry base – then it’s certainly time for a routine tuneup. For most of our customers, we recommend a tuneup at the beginning and middle of each ski season – especially if you’re the type who spends most weekends on the mountain. Tuneups may be needed more or less frequently based on how often you use your gear, and slope conditions.

A typical tuneup will include checking for and repairing any damage, flattening the base, sharpening edges, and then waxing and polishing the skis or board.

While you certainly can perform a ski or snowboard tuneup on your own, it requires specialty equipment and tools that may be pricey to acquire. Outpost Sunsport is a full-service shop that offers the finest ski and snowboard tuning in Northern Colorado. Our experts have decades of experience and are more than happy to create a custom-tuneup package to fit your individual needs. 

Here at Outpost Sunsport, we are the proud owners of several pieces of tuneup equipment, all of which enable us to provide world-class tuning services at an affordable price. 

Our Wintersteiger Wax Future is a World Cup tested waxing machine for snowboards and skis. The Wax Future offers the highest level of “racing-quality” waxing results, using the latest in Infrared Technology. A waxed ski or board is more durable and glides better. This machine provides a longer lasting wax than a traditional hot or buff wax.

Our Wintersteiger Omega and Trimjet Machines are the most high-tech ski and snowboard tuning machines on the market! The Omega combines the full range of services for both belt sanding and stone grinding, while the Trimjet offers a ceramic disc finish on both side and bottom edges for skis and snowboards. Gear sharpened with a ceramic disc and restructured with a high-speed stone are left with excellent edge hold, maneuverability, and smooth gliding in any winter condition.

Stop by Outpost Sunsport with your skis and snowboards, and have one of our expert staff members assess the condition of your gear. We are happy to suggest the best tuneup based on the condition of your gear. Click here to see our current prices for tuneups and repairs.

Be sure to come in for a tuneup before you hit the slopes this season! We’re here to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable time on the mountain for years to come.

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