The Gardens on Spring Creek, a public/private partnership aimed to enrich the lives of people and foster environmental stewardship through horticulture, is a proud supporter of art and artists in our community. The Gardens recently executed its third annual outdoor art exhibit, ARTiculture; Celebrating Art in the Garden. During ARTiculture, sculptures are placed throughout The Gardens on Spring Creek and are for sale to the public, with twenty percent of each sale being reinvested into the future of the program.

Randy and Nancy Morgan, owners of Outpost Sunsport, decided to purchase one of the featured sculptures, ‘Triple Aspen’, to donate back to The Gardens to keep on display year-round. “Triple Aspen,” located at the front of the entrance to The Gardens, was created by Larry Pryor out of copper, steel and stone. “I created ‘Triple Aspen’ to try to duplicate the feeling you may get when seeing the wind rustle the leaves of a small grove of trees,” said Pryor about his inspiration in creating the sculpture.

The beautiful sculpture, which would typically be taken back by the sculptor, will remain in front of the entrance of The Gardens.

“Nancy and I truly appreciate what The Gardens on Spring Creek offer to our community and we thought that it would be a really cool thing to purchase the sculpture to donate to The Gardens in celebration of Arbor Day and Outpost

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